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WIDIN delivers top-notch capabilities through organizational structure.

Oversea sales
WIDIN, which is expanding worldwide, has overseas Corporation in the United States (Chicago) and Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh) and exports to 50 countries including Germany, the United States, and Japan. We are responding to foreign customers through English, Japanese and Chinese, and are making all-out efforts to improve services to secure global competitiveness through differentiation. Thank you to all the customers who always support us.

Domestic sales
The domestic sales team is committed to improving customer productivity with the best quality and service in order to provide the best solution for customers' needs.
Through sales office operation and ongoing inventory management in four major cities nationwide (Seoul, Daegu, Changwon and Gwangju), we have a response system that enables products to be supplied in the shortest time in any part of the country.

Production management
Since its foundation, we have produced ENDMILL, DRILL, REAMER, TAP, and ultra-light Carbide Rod materials for domestic and foreign customers. We are also contributing to environmental protection through the production of recycling waste tools and recycling them into materials.
​ We are building a one-stop production system from production of tungsten powder to production of finished products. Our products are self-PVD coated and we strive to maximize life extension with excellent ultra-hard thin film surface treatment.
​ Under the motto of "Dynamic WIDIN," we are doing our best to produce products with excellent quality and price competitiveness, and products that can strengthen global brand power. Through the smart factory upgrading project, we collect various information from the production site to improve productivity and implement the best quality management system to grow into the best company through customer satisfaction.

Management planning
By securing and maintaining excellent talent, strengthening human resource competitiveness through continuous education, and providing prompt information through accurate financial statements, we are helping investors and managers make decisions and promoting WIDIN.

Product development
WIDIN Technology Team is committed to enhancing WIDIN's status by developing new products and enhancing competitiveness through improving existing products in order to secure future growth engines. We strive to satisfy our customers by developing tools that meet the conditions for cutting condition and workpiece and improving the quality of existing products. We continue to invest in developing products that satisfy our customers' needs, and we are making great efforts to nurture talented researchers

Information management
Data Processing team is responsible for supporting process innovation and business improvement using the information system, providing customer-centered services through systematic information analysis, streamlining work using information security and the latest information technologies (AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, RPA, etc.)