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We challenge our limit and always overcome the limit.

(주)위딘 대표이사 권동현

It’s been over 25 years since WIDIN was founded and all through the years we have followed a “customer first” philosophy, eager to address our customers’ needs and it’s responsible for the success of our global, continually growing firm.
Our exports are increasing every year and we continue to serve many of our original customers and gain new customers.

Today, as in the past, WIDIN maintains a steadfast focus on attentive service and rapid growth. Through our customer focused management we ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

At WIDIN we believe the future of cutting tools is here and we see a world without barriers, where challenges drive innovation and the development of new solutions. WIDIN committed to investing substantially in R&D to deliver the best cutting tools with greater efficiencies, cost economies, and the highest quality possible.